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Instrumental music


Currently there are 170 students in our instrumental program. Our strings program is instructed by Mrs Caroline Lloyd-Doolan, Woodwind program by Miss Sarah Hill, Brass program by Ms Kelly Clark-Flesser and Percussion by Mr Ian Brunskill. The instrumental program is an integral part of the school community providing opportunities for our instrumental ensembles to perform regularly at school functions, parades, the eisteddfod and to the Townsville/Thuringowa community.

Every student receives ½ hr free instruction each week on a rotational basis.   Children are invited to learn a string instrument from years 3 and brass, woodwind or percussion from years 4. Children are usually accepted into the ensembles, band and orchestra within the ending of the 1st year of study or on the completion of level 1.

Benefits of playing an instrument

  • Increases concentration, self discipline, self esteem and team work
  • Enriches and extends a pupil's learning experience in school
  • Makes pupils' more positive about music and music education
  • Results in a lifelong interest in music and wider career opportunities

Tips for parents

  • All children can benefit from music
  • Attend school concerts and other school performances to support your child
  • Encourage your child to sing and play for you
  • Take your child to musical events classical, rock, country, world music
  • Encourage your child to practise regularly (5 —6 times a week is ideal)
  • Provide a quiet place and time for your child to practise at home
  • Be enthusiastic and smile at your child’s progress

Instrumental recruitment process

The recruiting process starts in term 4. Children are invited into the strings program from grade 3 and the brass, woodwind and percussion programs children are usually invited from years 4.

Selection process


Your child will be selected for the instrumental program if he/she displays good organisational skills, self-control, accurate pitch and rhythm skills and has the correct physical qualities for the instrument he/she wishes to play. All children in years 4 – 5 will also have the ability to read music due to the music classroom program and playing of the keyboard.

Your child’s classroom teacher, music teacher and the instrumental teacher will all be involved in the selection process. Final selection will also depend on the number of places available. Priority is given to children in years 3 – 5 first and then year 6. This is due to the child receiving free tuition for one year of study and then being accepted into one of the schools ensembles/band or orchestra. Children are only offered one instrument throughout primary school. There have been exceptions of a couple of children learning 2 instruments due to their musical ability and other things, but this is rarely available due to the number of places we have in the program and children wanting to learn.

Sometimes the instrument that your child has chosen to learn may not be suitable. So we will offer the child another instrument that we think may be suited. If your child wishes to not learn that specific instrument, we will hold onto the application for the next year’s intake in which case your child may be more physically suited to the chosen instrument.

All applications will be processed by the end of November and parents notified by letter. All applicants will receive a letter of either acceptance into the program, waiting list or unaccepted. If your child is accepted and you no longer wish for him/her to learn, you are asked to notify us ASAP so we can offer that place to the next person on the waiting list. Sometimes through the year we will have children who do not wish to continue due to a number of reasons or because of transfers etc and also we may be eligible for more instrumental time. Therefore, children who are on a waiting list may have the opportunity to start throughout the year.